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Spotless Cleaners

4.4 ( 9264 ratings )
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Forfatter: Hayik Yilan

Mobile App platform for laundromats and dry cleaners that offer pickup and delivery services for their customers. Businesses interested in facilitating and managing the on demand end of their operation can easily create a profile and start.

There are three sections to the app:


Customers create a profile and easily pull up a list of all participating laundromats and dry cleaners by zip code. Orders can be submitted as scheduled or immediate pick up forms. Target delivery time and date is also entered before submission. If there are special instructions for the driver or the cleaning facility, it can be entered into the designated field in the app. Customers and pickup drivers can communicate through the app with ease. Payment information is handled and processed by Stripe.


Managers are the business owners who have the bird’s eye view of the whole operation from this side of the app. They can define which zip codes they want to service, add employees, set up hours of operation, add items and pricing information, see all open and closed orders, see customer feedbacks and more


Employees see all incoming orders and alerted as each order comes in. Employees accept and take accountability of picking up the orders in a timely manner based on the mode of the pickup request, either scheduled or immediate pickup. They can directly communicate with the customer via messaging or phone call. Employee side is equipped with barcode scanning and wireless tag printing capability. Every order generated is encoded to a barcode to be printed and attached to customer items.